Do Not Hire Me
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Do Not Hire Me

Job hunting and career changing with a splash of backwards thinking.

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I'm publishing an awesome guidebook to help you get hired.  

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My name is
Julian Jensen

and you should not hire me.

If you’re here to get hired, I don’t want to help you.

You may have taken great risks to get to where you are. I go to bed at 9pm. You might also have a boatload of confidence and influential connections. At best, I have this crap website and upcomming book. My readers are friends doing it out of pity, or more likely, bots.

Both of my parents were artists, and unfortunately that trait was passed down to me as well. I've been stuck trying to make a living doing what I'm passionate about since I was a kid. I've worked across marketing, advertising, and design, which resulted in changing my career every four years and somehow telling everyone why they shouldn’t hire me.

Over time, I learned that I wasn’t the only person having challenges trying to find a job. We all do. And it’s never a one-time event. So with a passion to help others find their strengths, I’ve decied to flip my Do Not Hire Me project upside-down and show everyone how to get better results by doing the opposite.

I’ve been writing this book about getting hired in this chaotic world, but I wouldn't buy it. Every chapter in the book is 90% made of advertisements followed by a few sentances of actually useful content. In fact, this whole website is just a big ol' pile of clickbait, created under the guise of helping you get hired.

Be different and you’ll get noticed.

Being different is a good thing.︎ Job hunting is not a popularity contest, it’s a character test. I’m going to show you how great your character can be and what it takes to land your next gig.
The world of recruiting isn’t what it used to be. Its a busy, wild place that’s harder to navigate than ever before. In my experience, this involves doing the opposite to find success.